React Developer

Moonfarmer Design & Development

16 Jul 2021


Design & Development




26 Jul 2021

Moonfarmer is looking for a React Developer to work with our team in a contractor role. The ideal candidate is expected to be a tech-savvy professional with an in-depth understanding of the tools and technologies required for the project work. 

Our team is composed of specialists who handle particular domains of the project build, called work centers. We’re seeking individuals who will contribute to a particular work center at a time, even if your skills may be applicable to more than one work center. When you apply you’ll be asked if you want to be considered for the Component Building and/or Site Assembly work centers.

Baseline Skill Requirements for either work center

  • Git, Git Flow, Github Flow
  • ES2018 and TypeScript
  • Node
  • React

Additional Skill Requirements for Component Building work center

This work center focuses on the creation and animation of individual components in a design system and has a particular emphasis on styling.

  • Advanced CSS (Flexbox, CSS Grid, etc)
  • CSS transitions / animations
  • Experience with React’s stateless functional components and hooks
  • Storybook
  • Sketch or Figma

Additional Skill Requirements for Site Assembly work center

This work center focuses on completing page layouts using previously created components and hooking them up against a CMS api.

  • REST & GraphQL APIs
  • PostgreSQL
  • Strapi
  • Next.js
  • Database modeling

This is a 1099 independent contractor role. Commitments are project based and, as such, time requirements will fluctuate based on the project scope and schedule. We’re looking for someone with whom we can develop an ongoing working relationship.